How to Make a Noise: The Patches

How To Make A NoiseThere are over 300 patches featured in How To Make A Noise: a Comprehensive Guide to Synthesizer Programming.

If you have purchased the hard copy of How to Make a Noise: A Comprehensive Guide to Synthesizer Programming, or if you have purchased at least three of the electronic books in the How to Make a Noise series (in other words, three out of: HTMAN Analog Synthesis, HTMAN Frequency Modulation Synthesis, HTMAN iPad Synthesizers Edition, and HTMAN Sample-Based Synthesis), then I will be happy to send a copy of the patches for free with my thanks.

If you want the patches for free, then drop me a line and I will tell you where to send proof of purchase (such as a receipt or Amazon account details, and if you don't have a receipt for the hard copy of the book, then a photo of the book will provide sufficient evidence).

You can also purchase the patches directly for $10. You do not need to buy these patches to benefit from the book. They are a completely optional purchase but may make it easier and quicker for you to recreate the sounds that are described in the book. If you are unsure about whether you need the patches, then please do not purchase them.

Please also note that the patches have been created to work with the synthesizers featured in the book and are not guaranteed to be compatible with earlier or later versions of the synthesizers, and one of the synthesizers (Cameleon 5000) is no longer available.

I would suggest that you don't purchase the patches unless you have a fully licensed versions of each synthesizer into which you want to load the patches. If you don't have all the synthesizers, then at the time that this web page was last updated, these patches could be loaded into the demo version of Z3TA+, Surge, and Vanguard.

If you want to pay $10 (rather than purchasing the books) you can obtain them by following this link: The purchase page may take a few seconds to click through - if you have any problems, then please temporarily disable any script blockers or other features which may stop the web page acting as intended.

You can purchase with your credit card or PayPal. Delivery will be immediate: once your transaction has been completed Payloadz, my secure download service, will generate a download link. A download link will also be emailed to you.

If you want the patches and the MIDI file that accompany chapter 1 of the book (which are available for free), then click here.