In addition to my books, I have also produced a number of videos. These cover three main areas.

Get a Grip on Synthesis

First, check out Get a Grip on Synthesis. This is a basic introduction to (subtractive) synthesis for people who are totally new to the subject.

Get a grip on synthesis...

Synthesizer Boot Camp

Synthesizer Boot Camp is a series of videos which looks at specific synthesizer techniques that can be applied in creating sounds. The series is focused more on how to use your tools and less on how to create specific sounds (if you want to know how to create specific sounds, then read the books...).

Check out Synthesizer Boot Camp...

Book Introductions

Lastly, there's also a video introduction to some of my books. These videos are intended to tell prospective readers a bit more about the content.

You will also find these videos embedded in the corresponding book page. However, I haven't created a video for every book, so don't be surprised if you don't find a video for some books.

Watch the book introductions...

How Best to View These Videos

These videos have been designed to be viewable on the widest range of devices and formats possible, from iPhones/Android phones/iPad/tablets through to large format screens.

The embedded videos on this site should be fine for most people, but you may get better viewing results if you switch to full screen mode.

If you have any other problems viewing the embedded videos on this site, then you might want to check out the Noise Sculpture YouTube channel.

Noise Sculpture YouTube Channel

These videos are all available for free and, as you will see, have been posted on YouTube so that they are viewable as widely as possible.

I encourage you to share links to these videos. You can also check out the Noise Sculpture YouTube channel. The channel won't give you anything beyond the material that is included on this site, however, it will give you the links if you want to embed a video into another web page.