Project5 Power! The Comprehensive Guide

Project5 Power! The Comprehensive Guide by (ISBN: 9781598634587) published on by Course Technology PTR
Project5 Power! The Comprehensive Guide by Simon Cann

Project5 Power! is the comprehensive guide to using this sophisticated digital audio studio from Cakewalk (both versions 2.0 and 2.5).

The book focuses on:

  • how to record, and edit, audio and MIDI in Project5
  • the included synthesizers (Dimension and Dimension LE, VELOCITY, nPULSE, Cyclone, DS864, PSYN II, and Roland GrooveSynth)
  • the included effects and how to use them for creative and surgical purposes
  • the loop and beat creation tools and how to work with Clips to create music
  • how to work with external hardware (both synthesizers and controllers)

The book begins by introducing Project5 and the recording process. It then moves on to setting up your hardware, working with Clips, and working with Tracks and Projects. From there, you will learn about every synthesizer and every FX unit included with Project5.

The book also shows you how to how to use Project5 with other DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) applications for more specialized functions. Finally it shows you how to create CDs and export your music to the web.

Accompanying Files

In addition to the book, there are some Programs to accompany Tutorial 33. Click here to get the Triangle II Programs.