Sample This!

Sample This! by (ISBN: 9780955495519) published on by Coombe Hill Publishing
Sample This! by Simon Cann & Klaus P Rausch

Sample This! is your opportunity to learn about sampling directly from the professionals.

This book is for both the established musicians who wants to develop a greater understanding of what sampling can do to help them make music, as well as for the musician who is taking his or her first steps in sampling.

The book focuses on:

  • How to sample.
  • How to use samples you have created, how to use commercially available samples, and how to manage your sample library.
  • How to get the best results from your gear.

Sample This! contains hundreds (literally) of tips from professional musicians with years of experience of sampling and creating large sample libraries. It is a resource you will want to return to again, and again.

Free synthesizer and sample content

In addition to the book, all purchasers will receive TSW-X, a PC VSTi sample-based synthesizer, together with a wide range of sample material. Both are being made available as a download by Back in Time Records (after returning the coupon inside the book or emailing a digital receipt as proof of purchase).