SFZ Tools for UltraEdit

SFZ Tools

The SFZ format is the file format underlying Cakewalk’s Expression Engine synthesizers. It defines how a group of samples are structured–the samples can then be loaded and deployed in any compatible player (such as Dimension Pro, Rapture, the Session Drummers, and Beatscape).

The SFZ format has also been adopted by other non-Cakewalk synthesizers. While the SFZ format is not a universal format, it is certainly widely available and means that you can extract maximum value from your samples.

Beyond grouping and arranging source waves, the SFZ format allows access to a range of additional functionality in compatible synthesizers, turning them into something close to a modular synthesizer while keeping the user-friendly interfaces.

SFZ Tools for UltraEdit

The SFZ Tools for UltraEdit are intended to help create and edit SFZ definition files. These are not an SFZ graphic interface, they’re not an SFZ validator, and they’re not an SFZ explanation/training tool–instead, they are a group of tools which make it easier for musicians to edit SFZ definition files and to see what’s going on while they are doing this.

The package consists of several elements which provide the following functionality:

The package uses UltraEdit (version 15.10 and later–it may work with earlier versions, but these have not been tested and you may need to do a bit of manual configuration which is not explained in the guidance notes). The tools are free, but UltraEdit costs… However, demonstration versions are available so you can check that the tools do what you want before you buy.

Get the SFZ Tools

Click here to download the SFZ Tools.

Development of the SFZ Tools

These tools are at a very early stage in their development and are only suitable for users who (1) understand the SFZ format (which is set out in Cakewalk Synthesizers From Presets to Power User) and (2) are familiar with UltraEdit. As with any early stage software, there will be bugs and there may be unexpected behaviorse

The SFZ Tools for UltraEdit are not supported or endorsed by Cakewalk.